The hulk appeared

The hulk appeared
Makes people feared
The men are hide
Before every wall
The women got frightened
From its tall
He made awful
The life was dreadful
The children were hide
After the strong guide
The sheriff had ordered
No one got out
Till they found out
How they deal with
That awful thing
He attacked as he wish
He could easily reach     
To every thing did approach
The fear appeared in huge
The hearts move as out
The police got tired
Because it had defeated
The officers was killed
Many care were flied
And he got them tired
he attacked at once
One of the poor’s house
He entered it in power
He forced the door in hunger
The boy cried so loud
He heard the man sound
Telling the boy to calm
The hulk looked anger
He moved toward him
He tied the father strong
The woman crying was loud
He saw her completely along
The moved to her in strong
And motion of convinced
He tied her also strong
The boy discovered that
The faced with power
Must be with the power
He stopped crying
He looked at his eyes
The hulk looked at the boy
After he threw him a needle
Of ashes those did annoy
Him so he moved to a way
Straight at him without late