The hulk appeared 2

The boy ascended the stairs
In very hurry and speed
The hulk followed him
He tried to catch him
When the hulk put a leg
At one step of the stairs
It fell at a moment
The sound of his leg
As the thunder in sound
The boy's heart pumped loud
He still collected his courage
The idea was appeared at mind
There was a hole at the ceiling
To let the light inter the room
He could jump over it
The hulk still moved
Moved in strong and confident
He didn't look at
He ascended at a hole
The hulk was imprisoned
The boy took a rope
He made it as a loop 
He through it in confident
Through above hulk’s neck
The hulk screamed in loud
He became full anger
The boy called for his horse
He could ride the horse
He still caught the end
He made it a loop
He put around
The horse's neck
He rode it in hurry
The hulk fell to the ground
The horse run in speed
The attendant increased
They didn't believe indeed
The sheriff came to help
Or to make that hulk stopped
As he heard its attack
But when he saw that
He became very admired
As that boy got faced that
He became so anger
As he thought in mind
The boy will be famous
And will be in light
And his face will be elegance
Now the horse is blew off
As the thunder took off
Couldn't be stopped
By anyone as he wanted
The hulk tried to stop that
By catching any things
Every thing seemed to be weak
Or taking off its root
Till he caught the stone
With the stone established
It was strong at the earth
The horse stopped at sudden
The boy fell down
All were sighed
As their dream may end
The boy fell to the earth
The hulk stopped in confident
He screamed very loud
He moved toward the boy
The hulk was so proud
The attendant all considered
That the boy end