The hulk appeared 3

The boy called for another horse
It came speed by another else
Farmer who wants to put an end
To the hulk which appeared
It ran and the boy jump
It ran and the boy knew that
The attendant admired that
They encouraged the boy by sound
They clapped also their hands
Riding and jumping over its back
He turned toward the hulk
He turned and faced him
He ran by the horse at fast
He called for another rope
It had also a wide loop
Now he caught the loop
Now he became nearer to the hulk
The hulk stretched his arm
He opened his hand
To catch his enemy
The viewer hold their breath
They eyes became wide
No sound was there ,no voice
They prayed to the God   
To help their boy in good
The boy knew acrobatic way
He reached the hulk
He bowed his head
To touch the horse’s neck
He lowered under the horse’s abdomen
The hulk caught, what caught?
He caught an air by his hand
He circled and returned again
He recurred with a strong stick
The hulk returned towards him
The boy bowed his head again
And with strong hurt at the leg
Of that fearing of that hulk
The hulk fell to the earth
He returned with speed
The boy caught the second rope
He threw it at his leg
He tied the hulk by his leg
He called the another horse
By whistling on him ,by a voice
The another came beside him
Now they ran towards the hill
The hulk became anger
He voiced and tried to stop
Any one as he wished and could
The two horses ran by parallel
Shoulder by shoulder neck by neck
The boy sat on the farmer’s  horse
He advised his horse by signs
He dreamt as he was a knight
Brought the victory to his town
He saw the all admired him
The sheriff check him a present
All were very grateful and thanked
That boy for his achievement
He forgot the time and the riding
Suddenly he woke up
Suddenly he lied to the ground
And the hulk got ride from his rope
He ran towards the boy
The boy still had thought
The boy still had not feared
The boy jumped on his horse
He ran fast towards the top
Of the hill with speed steps 
The hulk followed him
The hulk wanted to punish him
First then would look what ?
What he did?
He faced him
The boy stopped
He still on the back
Of his horse
His neighbors cried
They called their God
For a save for a help
The sheriff was amazed
How did the boy do that?
The hulk made a victory sound
He screamed ,screamed so aloud
Now he faced his adversary
Now he would vanished his enemy
He will made him a lesson
For any one tried to examine
His great power , his great power
He focused his eye
He collected his power
He became as a guy
Who concentrated his power
For revenge for destroy
He jumped towards the boy
All the people sighed
Some eyes were be closed
Some hearts would be stopped
Some minds were be lost
The boy would be had gone
The boy concentrated also
He ran aside as he knew
On the back of his horse
He ran suddenly and hurry
He ran fastest as he could
The horse was doing that
The horse had experienced
He ran on the limits of the river
When they competed with other
He ran with unbalance
He could pass and success
But the hulk before falling
Could catch the horse strong
With one hand and tried
To take him down
The viewers sighed in loud
They asked their god for mercy
There were a lot of dust
That making a lot trouble
To see or to know what happen?
The breath were stopped
The eyes were opened
In complete, with wide
After while the boy appeared
The boy had appeared
He could jump out
From the horse back
He stood there
The viewers were happy
But he became sad 
He lost his horse
He bowed his head
For losing his dearest
Accompanied ,honest friend
He looked unhappy
He moved so sad
The viewers shared him
But they sudden laughed
They cried to a boy
He left his head to see
He was struck by a nose
He looked behind
He saw his horse
His horse hold by a stone
The hulk moved down
He tried to tightened it
The horses struck his hand
By its another free leg
He hardly climbed up
The boy jumped up
The horses left his front legs
Up , up they danced
The viewers were happy
They celebrate in a way
To be dug in every memory