The thief3

The princess looked at her face, That became red and filled with fear.
The princess said:" why did you this worst thing?
"Why did you convert their fathers to be nothing?". They can't move or talk or even think
You made them fill of losing hope did not you think?" didn't you thin?!
The princess continued "You deserve to die or even get hurt"
The witch woman collected her intelligent, And said with yellow smile that was gained
"What do you say my sweetly girl? My daughter that I will love at all"
The king smile at her and said" Dear, you have kindly heart"
He looked at his daughter and said" Don't accuse any person without evident, go to your room and don't go out"
The princess' face got red and her tears were descended
She ran with that boy to her suite.
The king ordered her to stop and he ordered the boy to be dismissed
She cried very, very loud and stayed at her room without getting out, till her father entered at once, he saw the pale of her face and her body became thin
He astonished and said "what did make my groom sick? .Smile, smile to see my gift
Come to my suit to see my gift"
She thought that the witch was dismissed and his famous justice was returned
She entered his suite in speed with great smile that decorated her face to make her smarter
She called with a smile" What is the "her speech was interrupted ,as she saw a strong guy and the witch stood
The king said "this is your groom! .Is that good gift at your mind?!"
She said with sad: "Who is that?"
The king said"
He is the nephew of my love"