The thief 7

Till this moment the king is astonished. He can't sleep or think and his govern may be lost at once. So he announced a decision that was important .It said "If any one cured his princess, he will marry her at once and he will be the caliph without doubt"
Several men, heroes, princes and knights trying to get this magic .No one couldn't be returned or showed as they all were killed by falling above the high mounts or flying birds which picked them as the birds pick the seeds.
The king said" he will go there to suffer the death with brave"
His heart was broken enough, and sad covered every span of our kingdom's land. That was be noticed .The thief walked slowly .He looked at her clearly and said" in spite of her illness her face still brightness, her charm was not created yet and her brilliance has still attract. She kidnaps the sight and the heart .Who can bear or resist that? .If she returned to previous smart, can I bear that all intelligent?
She must not be a princess. She must be the queen of all lands and must have the pearls of the world. She must visits the poor lands to convert them to green lands and they will be gotten planets easy without hard works and efforts .The old will certainly return to his youth. His sight will strong and his face get s its youth, shines and brilliance
He will threw a stick from his He can compete a strong Arabic horses. He will be brave knight in a war facing .He will get the victory to his home land and his appetite will be returned as child .He will love the life, and the land .When she smiles at him with a face
has a beauty and a charm over all words. But for my luck that must be bad for my choices that may be leaded me to my end and death and I may be neglected ,I met her again and  if I could save her ,will I marry that beauty  and wealthy?
I might dream or have great sleepy or I might dream, my heart might dream
My eyes might have great dream. I must wake and return my luck .I knew it since I am child
He went to the mirror and looked with a terror