The thief 6

The daughter dropped on the earth and the pale color covered her youth's face. She looked like an old woman, who lives for years and did several things those were gone her health and ability to live. She fell without movement, Walk, point, or even could talk
She became actually paralyzed, so her father jump beside her .He cried, his tears were down.          
He called loudly for help of his God, he got down .He kneeled beside her, shocking her strong saying" get up! Telling me I am wrong! Tell me you are the hero
The magic woman had done. Her influence had been sustained
The king said "where you go, I will chase"
The witch laughed with laud laughter. She made two or three cries those make the hearts filled of terrors. She flew on the air like a bird and her dress became a solid and Her arms became as wings
She circled around near the ceiling three circles. She flew over us, over heads.  She said "I will dismiss and I get my cure work to manage all bad magic to prevent from curing your daughter and damaged all medicines.
I will make your daughter as a stone, living for ever without any fun. Her life descends from bad the worst, so she can't be saved or even cured. Her life descends from bad the worst
And she can't be saved or even cured.  I live above darkness mount this can't be climbed.                                                                                                
Everyone tries he will fails and fell die at once or he may be kidnapped by a mouth of wild big and strong birds .They gathered around the mount .They do their work with high effort
faith, clear and above all fast. No one can stop them even he is strong even he had armed forces as they are created strong and have fitness."
The mountain is not on front, back, not  on the east or west ,It is high enough to kill the hope to climb and reach the top or when you try ,you loss the descend way that is mean lost. Again it has a strong wind that  take off all things on it .Its darkness is strong and black. No light or fire can't be done.
Think will be chattered as a fear governs every thing, that is clear. If you want your girl to be cured you must return that killed"
She flew off ,she flew off