there was a wolf

There was a wolf
Wanted to steal a farm
He entered it creeping
He thought all sleeping
He was still creeping
He lifted his head
To specify his want
Here are fate sheep
If he had one of it
He would fill his gut
His hunger was gone
He would sleep for nights
His dreams would became lights
He would dream to have farms
Having great cows and sheep
If he felt hunger
He would demand one of them
If he want to play
He would invite friend
One or more those were not affected
He would be rich
He would gain his wish
And might be the boss
Of all birds, planets and animals
He would be the king
He dived into that dream
He forgot himself
He sang as a singe
He danced as a dancer
He moved lift and right
He bowed and stood
He lied and stood
His voice was low and high
He did more movements
After he finished, he heard
A high sound of clap
He bowed to greet them
Then he remembered a thing
He was a thief no dancer
He looked with an eye
He found all sighted
The cows, the sheep and the dogs
The guards and the owners
He jumped higher with yowl
He run but he was befell