the thief 1

The  thief  1
He looked at her face
The old woman still called
She called with high voice
She looked at the princess face
She saw her tears
She asked "why are these tears"
She said "you want him to stay"
And not be arrested and go away"
The princess nodded with aye
She said" I will do my way"
"To save him from jail"
The guards were coming suddenly
They knocked the door loudly
The old woman hide him in hurry
He stayed under the bed without voice
The guards rushed into the room
The leader asked with frown
We heard callings that were coming
From that floor and this room
If any thief entered her
He must be hide her
If he threatened you
You must say without fear
He talked loudly with whisper
Pointed to his place with you eye
And he will be arrested and got
What he deserved as dared
To enter the lovely person in the palace
The old woman looked at the princess
She saw her face filled with tears
She lied at the guards with say
There was no thief  her
She narrated a story
To a princess to make her happy
 She forgot her mind
And higher her so she was in a story
 The leader said "do you say a truth
You know f you are false
The princess looked to him with anger
The old woman said and ordered
You must dismiss urgent
The thief got out with a face
Pale as he got up from a death
His knees were knocked
He could not bear to stand
He went to set down
And tried to start a talk
The woman ordered "no talk?"