the wolf attacks

Do you see that cock?
Who jumped and look?
Do you see how he attacked?
That wolf when he appeared
He entered in the Farm crawled
He thought that no one seeing him
He crept till he reached the stockade
He climbed the tree silent
Till he reached the door that was opened
He was amazed by watching the chickens were slept
They were all big and full of meat
He thought that he distinguish his hunger
He will invite his friends to eat the rest
He entered it in silent
He attacked them suddenly
He got a big hit on his head
The rod of wood has left
And gotten down into his head
He can avoid the strike at last 
He wanted to see who did
He found a cock was there
He thought he has a dream
The cock without wait
Hit him hit very speed
The wolf lied without move
The chickens all waked
They first were afraid
Then they did as their cock
The dogs were waked
By the violence chickens did
They saw the thief lied there
They attacked him without wait
He run ,run to be safe
But he got some dangerous hurt
He swore not to return back