there was a thief

There was a thief
Takes does not give
He likes to steal a safe
To be a rich
To get and reach
What he demanded
The palace was entered
And the walls was climbed
By that a bad thief
He faced a face
That was smart
She was so beauty
That he forget his wish
She opened her eyes
She was a princess
He surrendered himself
He said "order me"
And I will respond"
In a minute or a second"
Or less than your eyes"
When they get closed"
She could not respond
Or even get up or walk
He said" you're my worth"
Order ,order and I will respond"
I will do with my faith"
If you want to arrest me"
I will be happy to be in a jail"
She looked with smart face
She didn't answer or say
He heard a foot steps
That came in a speed
The door was opened
The heart was pumped
Fast, fast over said
The old woman entered
She saw that thief
She called "a thief, a thief"