The brave bee "Dapoura catch 4 heroes"

The flying bees flied around Dapourra and try to get Mierra free, so they try to hurt Dapourra. They reached to him and two of them were carrying a plate of wood and with all their powers they harmed him on his head, he caught his head one of his hand and didn't let Dapourra go. Sierra found herself in front of Dapourra; so she flied towards him with all her power and tried to hurt him in his abandon but he caught her and threw her to the earth .They flied in front of him and said with brave "if you want to kill her, kill us also ". They still were flying in front of him. He became nearest and caught all of them .he tried to beat them, but he failed; so he hurt them on their heads saying "I'll be very glad to kill you one after one". So they laid unconsciousness .he said to Mierra "I'll kill you not as hero but as ugly thing like a rubbish .I'll put you in insectivore plant that eat insects"
He was still flying catching Mierra with one hand and said "did you know what we are saying about one who was eating by this plant?"
Mierra tried to be brave and said "we say" he is negligible thing as rubbish""
"Yes as rubbish, so you will die as rubbish, not as a hero" Dapourra said.
"So I'll fly and put you in this damn plant and fruition with your screaming, with your begging me to let you free. I'll be very glad to hear you. To see you screaming as you"
Dapourra continued.
Mierra said "it did not matter me as my soldiers make the victory. I see the beat in your eyes .I put in their hearts no fear, no impossible; so if you kill me there will be a lot of Mierra in the bees"
Dapourra seemed to be very angry and laughed in loud voice with all his anger "yes, the damn plant appear " .He turned around and laugh again with loud .Then he said" you want to kill me I'm deathless., and you lost your all friends . But you must not be so sad" compressed his face with great sad appearance .then he laughed and say" I'll make them following you soon .I'll kill them with different ways immediately" .
He caught her with his hands and put her in the plant but Mierra caught one of his hands with all her power and said" if you want me die you will die with me"
"Stupid creature, you will not do that as I said previously "I'm deathless", know "I'm deathless""
The three bees suddenly flied towards Dapourra and push him to the planet till he closed on one of his legs. Mierra moved hardly as she reached the mouth of the plant and three caught him and tug him, till she gets free .But Dapourra was catching by plant. The leaf of the plant caught Dapourra. He screamed loudly. He begged them "save me save me" his sound were lower till he stopped.