The brave bee"the queen is free"

Live our queen
We are sisters
We help others
Live our queen
We love our land
We protect our sand
We fight the enemy
Who runs for safety
If you know us
You will not forget us
The queen is our leader
She governs with fair
She talks the news for food
And nectar of flower which is good
We eat and suck the delicious drink
We built the wax home for honey
Honey is mentioned in holy
It is the cure for the body
We are the second who live
In the kingdom of bee's life
We are the servants who brings
The food' news to the queen to know where is
We bring also the food and the wax
Don't ever, forget to bring the most
Important for you, for you and for us
The honey, the honey; do not lost
We fight against the strange
Who wants to take the wage
Take our souls but we are the rage
We don't forgive up so easily
We fight with all power strongly
Till our enemy become weekly
The third are the males in the kingdom
They do the best for continue the kingdom
One of them marry the queen
With great celebrate he marries her soon
After she runs fast and away
The males run after her
Till one of them reaches her
They marry without wait
This a story for every date