The hero boy

The hero here is unusual boy, as he didn't save himself only but also he saved all his town .he lived in the most beautiful land all over the world .Here, you can enjoy with nature .You can say the mountain of sands that made shapes like statues. The foreigner tourism comes when they visit this land .they can amuse with calm. The nature here is virgin; no modern things had come yet. The air is fresh and healthier. You can see the beautiful of sun rising in the morning and downing. The sun seems like a small creature born small and then she grew up till you can see it all. The moon in the moon nights seems clearer that you can imagine that you can travel to it and take a journey. It is called "the new valley "or"el wadi elgedeed". This state is far from any state in Egypt. If you do not experience in the way to reach it, you may be lost in a big desert and expose to die. The calm here is more beautiful, but it may be rougher especially when winds are blowing; when the calm is hot in some months of summer, and sometimes cold nights in winter. The boys and girls play and amuse with nature than any boy all over the world. They can work in gathering some crops when the plant had been grown .The main crop is palm. They get up in the morning "earlier "when the study begins and eat breakfast and take some sandwiches with them to school to eat them in the break .when they return to their homes they do their home works and go out to play when they finished. In summer they play all day and some hours of nights as the schools finished their courses and closed. The boys play as men and so the girls play as women .they all enjoy with their land. The richer men leave their land and travel to some states to establish there as this land is poor in government services, in learning and in medical care.
Here the boy called Hozlma .he was in prep school. As he wants to get more important person in his state and get high position.