the brave bee "Dapoura catch Mierra"

Dapoura flied after Mierra and her friends' .so they all became so afraid. as he was strongest and run fastest than them. Now Mierra and her friends tried to hide between palm branches. They flied faster but Dapoura became suddenly in front of sierra .when she saw him, she became astonished, so Dapoura laughed with all his mouse. and then caught her but Fierra saw him and run with a wooden needle and hurt him in his back, so he screamed and let her ,and he turned to Fierra and flied after her, but Tierra hurried and caught Dapourra from one leg and implant a needle in his leg .So Dapourra shouted loudly and bowed to catch Tierra but Sierra hurt him with a panel over his head , so he lost his mind for moments and fall unbalance to the earth. the heroes flied away ,and he soon returned and flied again towards one " toward Mierra ".
He didn't look her or there and turned in a big circle and became face to face with Mierra .he caught her and laughed. He said loudly " I'm a hero her, no creature can beat me I'm deathless. I'll kill you now, no one can beat me or get you free from my hands, I'll kill you soon.
Tierra flied quickly and beat him from one leg .He screamed, and looked to her and didn't let Mierra go.