The end fighting

Daopura gathered his battle and say a speech

"soldiers ,leaders why do you so fear from this stupid creatures .you had defeated them several times .attack them with every pulse of your hearts, with every drops of your bloods.

You are the more intelligent, stronger and faster. Remember always "if Dapaoura lead you ,you will get the victory .you all must obey me and do as my plan order""

The wasps forces began to move towards the bees' kingdom, and Dapoura ordered to put the queen in safe place to use it as a pressure card if unhappy thing for wasps has happened

In other side the four heroes began to put a plan to defense against the wasps. They ordered to gather the four bees from by wood stick and every bee caught the wood needle the bees must hide till the attack forces were seen .They attack them without hesitating and with all courage.

Mierra ,Sierra, Fierra and Tierra do the same thing ,catch each other by wood stick in cross position and the needle on every other hands .

They all hide, till the wasps began to appear. The wasps say

"we are the best ,

we hate the worst

that stupid creature face

Face us ,face us

If they know what is

The end of this

They all run away

We are the hero

We are the winner

The others are zero

they are looser

we will crush them

and eat them

hm, hm ,hm,hm "

they become so nearest from the palm region , from the bees' kingdom. Now Mierra said attack them without cowardliness

the bee appear in strange shape that make the wasps have astonishment and fear .So the bee attack them without hesitating. They catch every other strongest when one of them lost his catching they incite on the enemy till he returns to his position. The wasps attack so strong and the bee. fight with courage