I'll kill you mierra

Dapoura said to his assistant "I'll go to this battle and kill Mierra ,as she is hero considered, so if I kill her the battle will be end soon."
His assistant said "but my sir, if you entered this battle you may be killed and we may lost our nation!"
Dapoura said" no, no , I'm deathless, so I'll fight till kill her "
He shouted at Mierra "I'll chasing you and get you, so you will be at soon died"
He flied toward the bees position . When he flied ,he saw one of his soldiers fight with some bees .He was seen as he fear of fighting them, so he faced the bees in cross section position and took the wood rod and broke it with one leg and took one of the bee and hurt her ,so she lied unconsciousness . he looked to his soldier and said "Don't so be coward .fight with all you power , fight to get you what you want from this damn creatures .Don't let them defeat you you are the hero "
He turns toward the place of Mierra and shouted "I'll kill you "
He fled toward her. When he flied saw a lot of his soldiers were be killed or injured.
When Mierra and her friends saw him , Sierra said in fear tone "What will we do?"
Tierra said "I do not know except I suggest …. "
But Mierra interrupted her "we must fly soon ,"
Fierra said "what ?"
Mierra said " we must escape from his sight now "
So they all fly and Dapoura followed them .