"you will fly and invite every bee queen and prime minister to make a meeting to share our thoughts about how facing our enemy and how can we get ride of him?"
Said mierraa.
"What ?, who will help us?" sierra Said.
"our nations , our bees, they must help us .If they didn't ,they will be destroyed lately and we all became in history's memory.
"all of them afraid of facing this damn wasps but " said sierra and Tierra interrupted her" but ,when we gathered , we would defeat our enemy."
"so , you must run .Take you friend with you ,but didn't let him be seen by the bee as they may be afraid or kill him , run ,run please"
They invited every bee's queen or prime minister"
After they came , they do their meeting in kingdom place where the parliament as been.
Mierraa said "in the name of God we began this meeting"