the meeting

Mierra gathered all soldiers and do orders to do their efforts to get this meeting in peace .but suddenly Fierra wasp came and told her something in her ear .Fieera went to miarra and told him that thier will be un faith thing that a reach queen made a deal with Dapoura to make thimettimg fall .
miarra said in astonishment "why? and how?"
Fierra said "by Wasps attacking the metting "
Tierra said "but they will attack us and killof us ...". But mierra interrupted "except"
fierra said "except the reach queen"
"and how " fieera continued"by attacking us in several directions"
mierra said "call the leader of army forces "
When the all leders came .Mierra asked "where can wasps can come to attack us
one of the leader said" throughthe palms "
mierra said "so, we must face them in thtree."
gathering all soldiers and mirra ordedd them to cath strong skin over the palm which were failed with water ."the watr above it
now in the meeting said the reach queen said"my nation is reach and you are in poor manner that we can help you to face wasps by giving them some presents to go away "
"some presents, as my lands my soldiers to eat them said mierra
the reach Queen said " Who is talking ,is she blue blod ,or is she queen or will she be queen?
the vice queen "
the vice queen said " no."
the reach queen said "no actually no1and let this strange go away "
the bees crowd say "no, no"
in the same voice
inthis time the wasps forces came in the palm regon and fly ,When they became under the bees cathing the skin filled with water .the order in hurry "letthe skin the wter falled over the heads of waspswho some of them died or become ill or run away
the reach queen said in meeting "I can't coninue in this damn meeting "
flyed to wasps place .Dapoura said we must rearrange opur forcesto attack this stupid bees or all oif creture will deal us as negliglible persons, we must get victory"