He said to me "I think you are very huge person that can defeat any one anyone of this world. So, I put all my hope that you will help me to get ride of him . I became so afraid of you . I can left my head or open my eyes to your face .but when I see you so are little , I lost my mind and I fall in laugh ." He laughed so much again. Then he said" But ,you know I still hate him and you hate him and " he laughed again so much and loudly and tried to stop ,He can't stopping and hardly he said" let me say " and laughed " let me say that I still feel that you can help me to get ride of him .So, he said in a force and serious voice" I'll help you to learn every thing about this airplane and you must help me in fast please .you may know every minute you late may lead you to several minutes in late and hours ,and all you life"
So I learnt every thing about plane and when we heard that my queen had returned to her home and he chasing her , we decided to do a great work .We destroy every stone of his store yard and "
"What " said Mierraa. "has wasps store ?" "What do they store?"
Fierra said they store the prisoner's bee and some dates .Actually , they ate date or kill a bee when they are hungry"
"And then?" said mierraa. And then he Stoll a plane for me and we burnt every inch in this yard and we killed several wasps
"so Dapoura run taking our queen without any waiting of the result of burning us"
Said sierra.
"so, the force defeated by the force " said mierraa
"And what can I do to help my queen?" said fierra.