The deceitful rabbit (compl)2

The dog was so lazy
He said after moving slowly
“I can’t leave bath now
And who can dare to go on my region
He must have any vision
To dare my high sensitive
To get the bad thief
Who can dare to fight me?
As I am without proud
And with high lowliness
All enemy cannot ever pass
Through my guard times”
The rabbits screamed highest
They fall in puzzle
They searched and thought
They went to his smart
His beauty wife
They entered in speed
They entered without permit
Or even telling greet
Or knocking the door
They were very surprised
The door was opened
They called at her
She came with fondness
Telling with whispers
“Welcome my dears!”
She wore home cloths
Those were for cook makings
The wise of the rabbits
Telling his apologizes
He told with arguments
Help us for saving
Our friend
He was kidnapped
By worse thief
He was a fox
He wanted to eat"
The female dog said with smile
That decorates her shine
Making everyone getting fine
And felt with shame to look at timing
She said, ’He must be your faith friend
You must love him strong
He must be your smart”
They said at one tongue, “no”
He is the lazy
He does not do any thing
He thought in sleeping thing
He spent the day time sleep
And the night doing nothing
But he is our friend!"
"Oh! Shame "she said,
One must get work
To get food and amused
To get respect from other
To advance his manner''
They interrupted and said''
Save him first
And advise us as you desire
If one sink
You get him up
And advice or punish
As they say
To gain the gold
Must dive in well"
She said, "Tell me how?"
They said, "by arguing your man!"
She said with proud,"
My husband is the hero
He could surely know
He must save anyone
As he is the dearest one
All of the farm's occupied
Know him well"
They said, but we must hurry
As the fox may do our worry!"
She didn't wear his ironed cloth
She went with cook cloth
As the manner was so worse
Than waiting any moment"

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