The deceitful rabbit c2

The dog stood
Wearing the clothes of guard
Carrying his automating gun
Releasing high call
Her beauty wife was laughed
Her laugh made her smartest
That all rabbits looked and admired
“Why do you do call?
This can wake the dead?”
She said with surprise
The husband became anger
With his complete feel
He looked at her
Sayi9ng,”this call
To plant the fear
Into the thief self
Or to courage me
To face even the death appearance”
She struck her chest
With her hand in strong
And said. “may God keep you safe”
They embraced for moments
Forgetting the others
The talker rabbit said,”
We have no time for love
When we finished
You will get enough
Time ,to get fine love’’
She felt with shame
She put her tail
Over her face to hide
It from feeling shame
The dog suddenly stood
Ordering his cloth
Then, he ran fast
As the thunder or wind
Getting attack from every mind
He moved or flew
They imagined he could
They greeted him a lot
His wife ran
In spite of his fast
His wife could catch
He looked angrily at first
Then he stopped
He fell into wave of laugh
He fell into land
He stopped and ran
Till he reached the fox house
He turned around
To find the way to enter
All reached
 They tuned around
The old one cried,”
Get him before he may be killed
The wise rabbit said,”
 We must save him
The dog searched and smelt
Moving around to get
Him right and get him
His wife rubbed
Her nose
Her wife looked intelligent
The wise rabbit ordered,”
Could you find a magnified mirror?
They searched everywhere
Then one found it
The wise whispered
At the dog ear
The dog out the mirror
In front of fox hole
The sun exposed it
A hurried rabbit stood
His photo enlarged
They brought sound magnifier
He spoke it
The fox was greed
He looked at
He said ,”that is sufficient”
He looked around
Then he jumped at.