The deceitful rabbit c3

The rabbit stood at his place
The fox jumped at the image
Thinking that was the rabbit
The dog’s wife ordered
Her husband to throw the rope
This was in circle
The fox tried to get out
His neck and ran
The female dog jumped in
In agility and speedy move
The fox tried to escape
Even the rope tied
The fat rabbit rushed
He wrapped himself in front off
The fox was wavered
He suddenly crashed with that
Fat rabbit and fell to the land
The beauty dog caught
She ordered his husband to catch
The rope she looked at the fox
She ordered the other to search
For their brother
When the saw him
He cried a lot
They got smiled
The wise rabbit tried to thank
She said without late
Thank only my husband
Who did every thing
She winked at the wise rabbit
He understood what she wanted
She wanted her husband
To be hero in all sights
Even was not the fact
The rabbit approached
Near the beauty dog
He said in lowest,’
If I married like you
I will make the world know
Viva love
Viva love”
They untied the rabbit
Who thanked them
The dog tied the fox
Hard and hurt him
The rabbits sharing that strike
The fox promised
Not to return
 They converted the fox home
Into ruin and dust
The dog looked at the rabbit
Advised ,” the lazy is awful
The lazy makes world not beautiful
It is bad habit
It is spreader of bad thought
The lazy is not loved
The lazy got hate”
The female dog said,”
Look to my husband
He is hero
Do you know?”
The rabbits said,”
Viva our guard
Viva our guard”
The female completed
 ,”he threw himself in dangerous
To get this nation save
Because he loved life
Because he loved his job”
One asked,” If he does not?”
She answered,”
He must worked at
Then search for another
Till he found his desire
The life desired to live
The life desired to share
The live desired to give
It great kiss”
The rabbits circled
The rabbits turned
Singing one song,’
We love our land
We love our farm
We love our guard
His wife is beloved
Not only by him
But also by ours”
The wise rabbit approached
Telling the dog to thank
That beauty one
She equals great wealth
It must worth big wealth”
He looked at his eyes
He ordered the two
Husband and wife
 ,” that is the time of love!”
They looked at each other
Till the rabbits went
They embraced and kissed
The nearest flower showed
She embarrassed and closed