Tales from my son 5

He went so slowly
I said, "Wait for a while
The speech between hear
And say in fine
The speech must have a sign
Of patient at every matter"
He stopped and wept his tears
He said with elegance
"Look my father
And so dear master
If we do speak
We must have respect
Do not do as a king
Who asked his attendants
To hear to the speaker
He didn't hear to him
So the citizens were angry
One of them did a funny
He brought a big ox
Going in a way a lone
And the others buffaloes had gone
In the other way and had done
A amazing for the walker
The man calling for the ox
When it came, the others ran
Far from far away
The king asked, "What a matter?" 
 The man said, "They always followed his
When they saw a thing
He didn't even think
To encourage their act"
The king knew his fault
He listened to the speaker and heard
The neighbor said,"
Could we explain?"
 How the silk was created?''
The worms got
In box must be put
The box must have holes
To get fresh air
It must be warm
The leaves mulberry must be given
When the worm weighed ten
Ten thousands
It was taken
And put in hot weather
To kill the worm and got silk
The worm got one mile
It begins as butterfly
Then puts the eggs near by
The leaves of mulberry
It gets the worm
Then it builds a home
By the silk yarn
To get the silk it must be killed
Otherwise it turned to butterfly"
My son said," I knew
We can use music
To get more product
 I have a song
Till me a long
Way as you told
I tell you a bomb
If you have a bomb
I have another bomb
I will explode it
You will explode it
I have a gun
You have a gun
Bo bo bo boo"
I said, "Son!
Your warm will be terrorist
In spite of getting silk
It will  go to the hill. 

The thief challenges the impossible. The right love leads to victory (1) Kindle Edition