tales from my son 4


He said ,"oh! Partner
Can we color that clothes?"
My neighbor said," What? Demands!''
He said,"husccch!
All older persons have demands
We younger must do in seconds
Otherwise we have to dismiss
And will be punished and got calls
With bad calling and names
I asked and demanded!"
I shouted," boy!"
He said in insist,
" let me talk
With my partner in fact
Or we will walk
With work and business walk!"
I said," no! Talk! Talk!"
He said, "We will buy another land
And established a big factory
For silk and ordinary clothes"
My neighbor said," who? What?"
He said," to fabricate the clothes
Threads those will get clothes
By machines those will be bought
Or invented as you might know
I will made the worms got yarns
More than those old minds
By growing them in suitable farm
I will get them from the farm!'
He interrupted him
Saying, "How can we get the silk?"
He said," hush! No talk!
The great farmer will speak"
We said, "Talk minister of farm!"
He frowned his face
Talking as the experience
We will buy the worms
Putting them in a boxes
Eating those leaves"
The neighbors said, "What leaves!"
My son said, "Question! Questions!"
Those destroy every cooperate
You do as every old
Talk talk without work
Look! My sir! Look
Every leave is good!'
My neighbor said, "No! Doctor!
The mulberry leaves"
My son cried and said, "bad partner
I know the matter
I wanted to examine you
And know you know
But as you thought and saw
I am stupid and lazy
I will be away"
He walked slowly
We said," we are sorry!"