tales from my son 3

He said "I have a lot of cars
Command, command of many cars
I will chain them
And tied with the plane
They will fly there
They will be as commands of birds
But they fly at one line
They have no terror
They will not distribute the horror
The birds are their friends
The clouds fly around their circles
The winds blow in simple
Making the temper looking beautiful
They will distribute the product
In simple and fast act
They will put the fact
The good and new product
Got on time and fast
Will get the satisfy of the land
My neighbor said "have they wings?'
My son said" they will fly by tension"
As the train move over the rod'
My neighbor said "do you know
How the plane flies"
My son said," by saying its whizz
And the smoking gets out
And moving straight, straight
Its wings spread
And fly there, there"
My neighbor said"
I wish as it
It has fired in room"
My son said,'' room!"
The neighbor said,"
The scientists made researches
And mixed air with fuels
Those must be injected
The spark gets in a moment
Making the mixture exploded
The volume get over
The pressure increased over
It rushed from small holes
Pushing the plane
It will flew up
As the balloon when gets
Released its air in it!"
My son laughed and stood
Moving his arms right and left 
Making whiz loud
He said, I fly in speed
In simple without hold!"
My son said,'' my plane is smart
It flies with love
It flies up, up
It will move fast
The accident will not accused
With love it will be ascended
With love it will be stopped

Moving right
We all said "with love"
He said" moving left"
We all said "with love"
He said" moving up"
We all said "with love"
He said" moving down"
We all said "with love"
He said" moving or not"
We all said "with love"
He said" accident will be occurred"
We said "certainly not!"


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