The thief 19

The king cried “my eyes , my eyes”
The two jinn tied his two pigtails with a dived ship. When he tried to get up the ship hurt him at his back. He got down again the two jinn “the ugly ,the thief friend” covered the king’s leg with mud. He tried  to get ride of them . they put the mud over his body. The king jinn got angry.  He screamed loudly. He got up suddenly lifting his body and legs suddenly, but the ship swung widely and hurt him violently at his back made him fallen at the bottom of the sea. They followed him. The thief friend’s jinn put the thief at the king’s ear.
The thief laughed loudly ,made him felt as the land vibrated. He asked him “where is the key of the magic that tied the bride princess’ of the sea?”
He said “what?”
The jinn entered followed by the  ugly jinn who got fire at the ear’s entire. The king’s jinn laughed loudly as some one made him laughed. The ugly jinn tried again, that hurt the king’s jinn. He said in low voice “what do you want?”
The thief talked at the magnified shell “now it is your end”
The king’s jinn said “be more  merciful and forgive me”
The thief said” where the key that can get ride the magic of the sea princess’ bride?”
The king said “at the west of the sun sunset”
They asked what is her shape?”
He answered “ a big white fish with black tail”
They swam till they reached . They called at her”
She got out ,big and heavy . she said with  a coarse sound “what do you want?”
The thief said “the key of the magic of the princess of the princess sea’s bride!”
‘Who sent you “she asked
The thief said “the jinn’s king”
She said “himself “
The thief said “himself “
She said “a moment”
She went and returned with a trap. She threw over them. They were all trapped.