The thief 18

He fell down to the land, and tried to avoid hurting his friend. The queen laughed as the thunder waves .They thought that those high stars were transported from their places. The queen spread her hair and took both of them, lifting them high and tried to hurt them. The ugly jinn saw what's going on, and could saw his friends falling down .he hurried and caught them .she screamed "no. That's longest battle with ugly guys as you'
She flew over them. The thief said to ugly get me a magnifying shell. The both jinn dived and searched at the bottom of the ocean. The ugly jinn found one and when they tried to get up, they found her with ugly and big face over them, and she put them at her mouth. The thief's friend jinn cried. While the thief was annoyed he looked up. He said to the ugly jinn "what are these winds?, where do they come from?'
The ugly jinn said" I don't know…"
The thief friend's jinn said to the ugly jinn "follow me'
He followed him. The thief friend's jinn waited .He saw a great winds as a waves came in and others were out.
He said 'it must be Inspiration and Exhalation. He waited till the Inspiration occurred.But the inpiration occure. so ,they were resisted by winds,those threw them away. but the jinn carried his friend over his back ordering to catch his hear strongly.he could hardly catctch the inside queen nose's hair,and so did the ugly jinn.after the inpiration finished. He flew with his utmost speed and he could be out and so did the ugly jinn. The thief said" let me be in at her ear with that magnified shell."
His friend said "no,"
The thief said "please, let me in!"
The thief friend's jinn put him; he caught her inner ear's hair and clamped it strongly. Untill he reached her ear's  drum. He put a magnifier shell and said'" An awful jinn"
He continued "how can you dare to face me, how can dare doing that you and your  ugly husband, come in and  flew down. Till that bottom and then entered at that bottom narrow hole and be in" His jinn friend was hurry and put a box that was being opening.
She tried to tell him by weaken voice to forgive her he said "no"
she said "Who are you?"
he said "I am your bad wok"
She said "who"
He answered " i am what you did"
She tried to argue him but he refused.
She laughed ,but the thief laughed loudly. he made a terrible waves, made  her agree. 
She flew down , the thief's jinn got hia friend from her ear .She suddenly was at the box which was closed. The thief jinn said "we come back again'
The king tried to dive to discover what's going on at the bottom .The ugly jinn got out and caught the sword and followed him with high speed. He saw a big rocket there, he could turned around . the thief's jinn caught the sword and the ugly jinn got fire from his mouth that was reflected at the sword's face. the thief friend's jinn put the sword  facing his eyes
He said " dear majesty "
The king opened his eyes, and the rays reflected at him.
He said 'my eyes, my eyes"