Tales from my son


He had a surgery
When he began to be cured
My God must be thanked
He sat with my neighbor
Telling him about business
He said as an experience
I will share you at your shop
Under condition I am the boss  
I will manage your work
To be distributed and sold
I have the place to work
The room in the first floor
I will end its rent
We will put the machine of swing
And selling every finished one
I have big cars
To distribute it at everywhere
The colors of my Variety
To attract the customer in easy
I have also two planes
One right other is busy.
He was asked, "How can it be locked
Not to be stole or moved
He laughed and said
It will be chained
By strong iron made
He said I have a lot of planes
Flying over my houses
I have a lot of houses
The work will increase
The colors of my planes are observed
They had every color one wants. 

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