a chase

There was a dog
Un after a frog
He hided in a fog
Then he croaked
The dog left one leg
 He croaks again
The dog listened again
He left the second
He stood on the two legs
The frog jumped on his back
He  fell at the mud
He got up with anger
But the frog was gone
Did you hear that cat ?
Who chased that rat?
The rat saw a statue
He entered that body
The cat has been angry
He tried to be in
His body was not thin
He stuck in strongly
And the rat escaped
Do you see that butterfly?
That boy wanted to catch by
The strong and long trap
He run and followed there
She learnt that she be at
Her hands and she might die
She stood as a die
He looked with an eye
She suddenly flew at
He feared and dipped
She can be escaped
Think with your mind
Believe in your God
You will be the first