do, do, do

Do ,do ,do
The baby says "Do"
The cats do, they do
The dogs cry do
The wolves howl do
The lions roar do
The play means do
The all creatures do
The God advices "do"
You must also do
Don't ever stop it
Do not say "that is bad
Comes ever with my luck"
You may do your luck
You do your chance
Look to the baby look!
When he tries to walk
He fails times so that
Feel that he can't walk
He may cry from hurt
Or feeling of frustrate
He tries times and times
As seeing the hope in eyes
Of all around as he tries
Do you see the ants?
They may fail for times
Of transport foods to lands
But they try many times
They can't get frustrate
Or can't ever stop that
They do their hard
To get what they want
Do you see that bird?
When he gets born
And the feather covers him
He tries to fly over spray
He may fail down words
That he might be killed
The viewer said he can't
Till he could do it
Do you see the calf?
After born, he tries to stand
His mother helps with that
Pity appears over her face
He gets happy and a hand
To be power fear all world
By his scream all are dithered
Do your best
Work very hard
See all around
Read all about
New of science
News that causes
You will be in eyes
You may get hard
You may hear worst
You must not stop
When you do your dream
When you get your wants
All point to you
All want to you
To learn them the do
How to be as you
How to advance their know
All will make you
As the star over the all