There was a spinner

There was a spinner

Play as she was a child

There was a wolf

His hunger can destroy him

The spinner's mother told her

Do not go far as there

you may face the danger

the spinner went to play

She forgot herself

He found her by himself

He caught her

He pushed her

Where he could eat her

She cried ,she knew her fault

The wolf was happy

He looked very hunger

He courage appears

But there was a rat

Heard the scream of spinner

He looked at wolf's face

He said with fastness

How are dear minister?

The wolf stood with wonder

Do you want me to eat you?

To get right of world pain?

I will do that soon

The rat spoke soon

He said with trembling

There was her mother their

She was very fat

She can Extinguish your fire

He believes him

the wolf was very rapacious

he went after the rat pass

he climbed the high wall

the rat climbed faster

then he returned faster

he bit the wolfs back

the wolf lost his rhythm

he felt down at once

his leg was broken at once

the spinner returned fast