the brave boy3

The boy had a plane

He run and run

Till he reached the guard

And he skis between his legs

He could be escaped

The guard lied to the earth

He turned his face

To chased that brave

The boy saw another guard

He run fast and fast

The chasing was behind

Fast as he could

The other came forwards

The boy lied down

The two shocked each other

The boy could be in

He faced the king

he sat on his throne

he loud his voice

who lets you in?

who lets you pass?

He saw the two guards

Complain from their pain

He ordered to be prisons

They did very fast

The boy said with courage

He spoke neat over his age

He said with a brave

He said with honest

Dear my lord

Why you wants our land?

You have more than ones

And we have not land

Except that, except that

The king said with anger

You must go out

I'll do what I want

I'll take that house

I'll crashed at once

The boy said higher

When can we live?

The king said at higher

It does not my matter?

Go before you eel with fear

Before you want to die

And it will be away

The agony near your eyes

Behind ,front, eats ,west

Becomes near your yes