the brave boy

There was a king

Waned to be strong

Mentioned every where

Judge with fear

And didn’t mention the fair

His soldiers were strong

His army was very big

his heart didn't feel with fear

he crossed all the deserts

he cut all the countries

he gathered all the jewelries

and he couldn't be stopped

when he passed

he met that once

owned a small house

she was his neighbor

he became very anger

he went to get this land

thee hose must be crashed

he met her himself

he said with arrogance

you must go out

your house must be crushed

she said that my land

and the house I had got

from grand fathers

the king said his orders

he must get this land

the boy heard the story

he got to meet unfair

he want to be in

the guards prevented him

he tried once again

he got another fail