the answer of the previous puzzles

Who is the bone out his meat?
The turtle.
Who can defeat the lion?
The Jaguar.
Who are the society insects?
The ants and the bees.
Who are dissociety insects?
The spiders.
Who is the act of love bird?
The pigeon.
Who do the hinters catch first the lion or the lioness?
The lioness because if they catch the lion first it will enter with them in strong battle till they get the lion free.
But the lion didn't pay attention to the lioness arrested as he marries three with her.
I am not tall or short
I have two legs
They called me the camel of birds
I can bear the thirsty and the hunger
Do you know me?
Who is the oldest animal in the zoo?
The zebra because it is black and white.
Who is the newest animal in the zoo?
The hedgehog.
Because it is still with his new thorns