the brave boy

The brave boy
The doughtily  needs to increase this character and deal with the man as he wanted him to be as the boy who went to his mother complain of his friends that blaming him of hi shortage of his tall .the mother looked at him with great smile and said "what's matter ,they are annoyed that you can do things they can't do ,,like you can pick up a thing from the earth fast than them ,you can it to earth fast than them ,you can sit to the earth faster than any one ,that make the trainer for outside camp admire you ,and the important thing the man who has very short or very tall is very intelligent.
That makes her boy very satisfy.
That like the woman who put to her boy the doughtily as she saw him crying and quivering with every argument with his father ,she said to him "you are brave boy ,not coward, try to be brave even the situation is very difficult ,but try to be .
So when they were passed in the street some body abstract them and said to his mother "give me all your purposes !"
The mother was very fear ,but she remembered that she told her boy to be brave even the situation very difficult" she said "no!"
The thief take her handbag  with his strong hands and she caught it strongly ,so as he was strong she lied down and he hurt her in her face
The boy was standing quivering ,all his body was quivering
But he remembered his mother saying so he carried a stone and without waiting he hurt the man in his head. the man lift his face to see who hurt him so he in hurry hurt him in his face ,the blood bled  from the man's face .he stand and try to hurt the boy, but in spite of the boy running he faced him and with his weak hands he stroke him under his abdomen. That made the man bow and the woman shot his head with her handbag that made him swinging and the boy hurt him with his stone on one knee made him lie but he lied over the weak boy  .the mother with all his brave she caught her boys hands and pulled him away ,but the strongly caught him with his hands ,so the woman bit him on the one hand that made the blood bleeding from him and so did the boy ,the man was made to let the boy's hand free they can run.
2. the thief who entered the flat and try to hurt the woman and tried to hurt her .he threatened her with his gun .so they entered in a battle he wanted to hurt her and ,she strained him she lied down and the man was over her the gun was thrown of his hand their boy was gotten up by his mother crying during the resist. He walked through the flat to see why his mother is crying ,he watch the man trying to hurt his mother and the gun was near ,he hesitated for minute and as his mother crying for help he lift the gun and pointed it to the man saying "let mom free "
The man lift his head towards the smooth voice and said "whom ?, what"
The boy retuned his order  in louder than previous "let my mom free!"
The man said in  scoffing "what small fly?"
The boy repeated his order again .the man said "good boy ,you are so brave give me the gun "
As her mother was filled of fear and terror she said to her son "give the gun to him"
The boy said in brave "no ,as he wanted to hurt you !"
The man stand and tried to move toward the boy ,the mother was shaking from fear .he stepped towards the boy and said "good boy give the gun to me !"
The boy said "no, and if you step another step ,I will shoot you"
The man still scoffing and said "you can't kill me ,or shoot ,you can't kill even  an ant ,give me my gun" in strong and loud voice and step another step
The turned to the woman saying "ordered your boy to give me my gun or I will hurt and kill both of you"
As the woman was filled of fear she said as she crying "give him his gone ,"
The man stepped another step .the boy said "no and stop "as the man tried to stop again the boy shoot on his leg ,but the man didn't stop he moved forward the woman fear was reached to her throat and she could not mention any word or say. the man step forward and moves he was not shot"
The boy hurt him on another leg the man didn't stop and moved hardly towards him .the boy was filled of terror he can not think ,but the only way to get over this problem is sure not give the gun to that hunter or thief ,he can think ,but he see the bad man as the big wild animal will hurt him the man became near and the woman recognized that the man will kill both of them .she dos not problem to be killed ,but his boy "no she cried an lie down unconsciousness. She suddenly got up after two shots ,she actually thought that the man killed his boy and turned to hurt her and then kill her ,but she find her boy crying and the man was lying .she stand up in hurry and run to her boy smiling and crying "brave boy ,you save m ,you save us"