the boy and the toy

There was a boy
Playing wit a toy
He saw it stood 
He was in bad mood
He screams in its face
Why didn't you say a word?
Mum bought you to me
She liked me to be happy
She thought you are funny
Why do not you run?
I thought your sun
Shines her when you gain
Tell me how is your feel
When you say me in bad
I can't even talk
Do you hear my voice?
Then say what are you like ?
Let us play another?
Let us play hide!
Do you love to be hide?
You  are still without voice?
Let us play the thief and police!
Who is the thief and who is the police?
I will be the police
I will put you in prison
You will see the dark
You will not be talk
Why  do not you talk?
You have bad luck
He lifted it and look
Mother was in her work
She cleans an cook
He threw it and said
you are dull doll