the branche and the leaves

The branches and the leaves
We are the branches
We are strong but less than the trunk
We transport the food to leaves
We  carry the air to lower parts
We carry also the leaves and the berries
We are brothers in our plant
         The leaves
We are the leaves
We can be several kinds
We may be changed to be flowers
 The flowers begin smaller and then grow
The flower has mere shiny and colors
They attract the insects to them
The insects transport the  inoculation seeds
The seeds are sticking by parts of the insects
They transport them from flower to others
The seeds gain the plants' children
The transport may be by the winds
Or by the man who carries them if the plants are tallest
As  if they fall they will not reach to another
The tallest trees as palms
The seeds are useful for food and life
We are sacrifice to make the life continues