Invited all Queens and prime minister

"Thanks to our God As he saved you!" said Sierra.
" now, I knew who saved us !" said Mierraa.
"who" said Tierra and Sierra. "Fierra " said Tierra
Sierra said " but how?"
"that we'll know after fierra tell us "
Fierra said " after I failed catching the plane .I found my self flying with strong winds that I can't facing or resist ,so I found my self as tree's leaflet. I said to my self I mustn't despair .so when I saw some plans came under or nearest me ,I threw my self to plane came under me and I caught her body it with strong nails . I resisted the winds, till I can entered it .the pilot thought I am a huge as I covered my self with a big suit .he obeyed my orders . I learn how to fly with plane and I wanted to learn how to use the plane's weapon. but suddenly he entered my room when I didn't wear the suit.
"Oh! Oh!" they all said. He must threaten or try killing you"
"no, no "said fierra .
He laughed very loudly hat he fall on his back and his weapon was thrown away that I take it. He stopped laughing and he saw me several weapons .He said to me" I hate my leader as he killed my father and brother and he is great
Inequitable. I'll help you to help me to get ride of this man.