The return of absent

The fire was high and the explosion was dangerous that make every inch fly away .sierra and Tierra go to the servant of the queen .Tierra shouted at her "why? Why did you order him to go there and you learn that there no hope? . you killed him!.
You ordered him and you learn that the hall would become dangerous soon"
Sierra said "We lost every thing .Our queen ,our kingdom and who were the reason .the martyr was our hero. Can you expect that there another person can be a hero"
They all cried and the servant answered weeping her eyes with her hands" You know I love Mierraa very much and I thought if the future queen had died we lost every thing as our queen was prisoner and we didn't know her fate. I didn't know that the hall was be explosive so hurry . I am so sorry and accept my apologize"
They were stopped crying and Tierra said let's say the rest of Mierraa's body. They reached the nearest of the hall and searched here and there and they lost the hope to find any thing .Suddenly they heard a weak voice " help! Help!" .They followed
The voice and they get her . she were Mierraa .They all shouted and cried her. She got out with the small queen's baby. Tierra asked her "what's happening "
Mierraa said "after I had entered ,I saw the small queen in the front door .I smelt a lot of gas ,but I could afford it. I carry her majesty and run till I heard and saw the explosion. I saw the rocket rise from the land and supported by several legs ,I entered under her with her majesty. So, I ….."
She stopped continuing her speech and said "look who is coming there .she is ,she is Fierra .yes !"
They all run to her