The kind dog 5

We noticed that the richest man had traveled. He went for vacancy on shore at Alexandria, in spite of the weather was cold and we were at winter. The dog was not absent. We noticed that. The man returned and stayed for long days then went. We knew that he was in 'Sharm Elshihk", the city of peace. When he returned, a handsome and smart man visted him. He stayed for long hours, and then he went. We knew after that he was an officer of police. He came and asked him some questions? What were these questions? We didn't know.
The most stupid and laziest friend in playing football came in sudden and said,"Let’s get one thread."
We opened mouths in astonishment. He said,"Let's begin!"
“I had a plane of the bank that was stolen. I got it from journalist who was a friend of my father. I took photo of it by my “I phone” and printed it .Here, it is!” he continued>
We got silent. He changed our minds towards him. The lazy and stupid boy in playing must not be lazy and stupid in life.
He open the chart. We didn't know about anything and solve of its symbols. He explained them. This is for steps; this is for room, doors and so on.
We stayed silent. He did as the old teacher. He left the chart and went and saying,"Study it carefully!"
We opened it and tried to read it carefully. We screamed and shouted.we struggled .We quarreled. Then, he came. We became silent. We were as students in front of the teacher. He said, "Come on!"
He explained the symbols again. He said,"Now, how could the gang enter the bank?"
 We stopped in talking and looking. We wanted to ask. He talked before us. He said,"how do you know there were more than one not one?"
We said from newspaper! He siad,"that is not only, but from the only couldn't do all things. Pass from those cameras those took photo every wind, every ant. These red rays if which were interpreted, the alarm will take attention not at the bank but also at every nearest police station. In minutes, the bank will be filled with men more than the cases of the bank and so the thief will catch!"
He asked," Think! Take this with you and think"
We wanted to ask, he said, "I have one"
We went. everyone dream as he was a police officer and investigated with every one. He finally caught the criminals. He got the prize that the inner office had announced.
 We dreamt that. We did a hard effort and waked till the sun rising. We heard voices of our assistance asking for rest. We sharing them these demands and asking for rest. Some of us waking with taking,"we must get rest!'
My mothers laughed on these. When we met again, the techer, no"'our friend" came. He began in talking. " the gang opened the main door!"
We said at same sound,"they opened the main door!"
He said," not actually, but by helping of the guards!''
We said,"how?" with astonishment