The deceitful rabbit

There is a rabbit 
Annoying of walking up
Early with every one
He wanted his friends to let him
Sleeping till the sun getting up
Why? Why? you must get up
To get food to be the best
The sun loved who sees it
Shinning from the east
Giving him the power
Making him strong
Clear his look
Stretched his back
Getting his head
Elegance and smart
Be known and loved
From every one
Getting greetings from heart
He didn't believe that
He did as he was lazy
Move so slowly
The friends saw him
They threw water on him
He was watered
He jumped up, up
They laughed, laughed
After some days
He imitated as he had sick
He moved so hard
His head was often bowed
He made as he had
A heavy mount 
Over his back
They brought him food
He ate with big zest
They were wondered
They asked 
If one is ill
He has no power
To eat any food
And get so hard
To eat anything
They brought a doctor
A rabbit doctor came
He examined his heart
He examined his head
And leg and everything
He told them he was not
Ill or even sick
He advised them 
To put him in the sun
That dismissed every worst
They tied him 
On chair and put in wide
Area where the sun ascended
Every moment
From morning till, 
The sunset
He was truly hurt
He tried to be patient
For his bad luck
The fox passed
He saw him tied 
He got amused
He jumped up
He said,said
I found my lost
I would eat it
The fox looked everywhere
The fox wished to hear
No sound coming from here
Watching no, one moving there
He moved slowly
He tried to move quietly
Lifting his legs
As he flew on air
The rabbits saw him 
The rabbits ran fast
Even the argue of their friend
The fox got his present 
He jumped up
He untied his victim
He became very happy
His hunger would be away.