The deceitful rabbit (complete)1

The fox looked
His huger appeared
Now he will check
His greed
Now he will jump
The point between the life and death
The point between the river pass
And its stop is the moment
The point to be courage
And have a great fame
And known by every one
The moment between the success
And fail
Is the insist
Insist to gain
Insist to claim
The bad dessert
That may be
At your heart
To be scientist
You must read hard
Study and keep at your heart
The important thing
To be good sports man
Do exercise more than
One a day and do hard
The sweat makes the sweet
Convert the worst into the best
He looked with open eye
He said i
Will gain what I dreamt
Fore long time
He jumped high
From his greedy
He took the rabbit with his chair
The load was heavy
The carrying was not easy
The movement is so slowly
The rabbits after say
Our friend deserves that
They felt with shame
They ran to the dog
They called at him
The dog has sun's bath
He stretched his body
Covered his head
From sun that may annoy
He hardly heard their calls
He opened his eye
Saying with angry
Don't you see
I am busy
And I do my work
One of them was a talker
Said with anger
There is work
There is an important
He laughed and said
Who is the philosophe?
The other had compliment
My lord
All said you are strong
You have a good courage
To prevent any rub
If the thief could kidnap
What will your look like?
He rubbed his chain
The rabbit complete
We know you can fight thousands
Then show our friends