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Friday, November 18, 2016

The last day

The last day

I don't remember how I got there? The tales said several stories. The essential story or the pivot story is that I was wrapped in old clothes and was put next to the mosque. The important thing that was the old man who saw and put me in the same way. In front of the orphan shelter, I was in.
They do great effort to help us to get great lessons to be rude and harsh.  My mother in shelter learnt us the faith. In fact, she was liar. The religion man came and told us about the honest. The man who talked about faith and told us about the reward of honest is trying to be honest, but it escaped from him. He usually came with his small child. His child got a pretty sweet. That made us angry. We could take the from him and kidnapped this sweet. The last time, we took this sweet; this religion man tried to put us into jail. We hate him, but we didn't hate our religion. We kept on prayers to our God, as it made us forget every worse and receipt the world with open heart. My mother in shelter always told me to be happy and met  the worst with the best to be as the messenger "Mohammad'' always dealt with his obstructed  with good an smile. She told me how they punished him? Once they  put the extraction of camels over his back, when he was prayed. His lovely daughter came and got this from his back. He didn't pray on them. They tried to get him angry as the biggest obstructed ''his name Abu Elhakm" swore he would kill him. He carried a big stone and tried to throw over his head, but he returned with hurry. His friends asked with astonish, ''Why didn't you kill him? He said in horror" I saw a big wild trying to kill me"
The prophet was patient. He used to carry the rubbish that was put by his Jewish neighbor every morning. One day, Mohammad didn't find the rubbish. He was in trouble. He thought wrong something had happened to the neighbor. He asked for him. He found him sick. He visited him and said with lovely smile," I didn't find your present you give me every day, so I became worry about you!"

The message was understood. 

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