The last day 2

My adoptive mother also told me" the prophet was good, he did his effort to make the world good. He could travel miles in hot dessert on his foot to show the other people how the new religion is! When he traveled at land called "El Taef" its people met him with throwing stones on him. His legs were blooded. He had to have a rest under the shadows of Grapes. The prophet sat under it. The two masters sent him their slave. The slave bought  grapes to the prophet. When the prophet began to eat, he mentioned his name of God. The slave was from Iraq. He was amazed. He said "o master! You he he said something unusual,and he had not heard before."
The prophet asked," Where are you from?"
The slave said, "From Ninawa"
The prophet answered, " The country of my brother Yonis"
The slave opened his eyes and  said," You are the prophet"
Mohammad said, "Yes!"
The slave bowed and kissed his hands and legs"
The prophet prayed to his God saying," Oh! My God! Oh God, I complain of weakness and lack of strength and my lack of thoughts on people, O most merciful, you are the Lord of the vulnerable, and you are my Lord, than to leave me depend? Etjhemena far? Or to the enemy hates me? If not on your anger do not care about, but wellbeing is wider me, I seek refuge in the light of your face, which brightened the darkness, and peace upon this world. I ask you not to descend your anger or replace your wrath over my head, you threshold until you are satisfied, and no strength except your"
Gabriel was descended with the angel of mounts. Gabriel said" I got down with with angel of mounts. If you want, my lord told me if you want I will order the angel of mounts to make the two surrounded mounts over their head"
The prophet said in hurry, "No! as it may be created people who worship their God!"
Gabriel said," Who called you gracious and merciful is the honest"
The prophet had many good situations. At a battle, when he slept under tree and hanged his word over the tree's branch, one of his enemy came and put that sword over his nick and said," Oh! Mohaamad! Who protect you from me!"
The prophet said with confident,''Allah,Allah"
The sword was fallen from his hand. The prophet took it and said, "Who protect you from me!"
The man said," Oh! Mohammad! Be merciful in punish!"
The prophet let him go without any punishment.
The most tale is that he saw the children playing in the feast day except one who stood wide and alone. He was sad. The prophet approached the chil;d and asked him why he stood alone?
the child said with tears ascended from his eyes," my father was killed in a battle!"
The prophet smiled and said," don't accept me to be your fathe and my wife is your mother!"
He smiled. He was taken and washed. He wore new clothes and got money to play and buy game!"
I don't met one like that. She said also, 'there was an old woman carrying a load. He approached her and asked to help her. He carried the load till she went to her home. She caught his hand and said, "Oh! My son, there a man invited people to new religion. Don't obey him. He differed between the man and his wife , the son and the father and the salve and the master."
The prophet smiled and said, "do you know him?'
She said, "No!"
He said, "I am the prophet!"
She said with shame, "OH! My son, forgive me!"


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