The thief 11


the deceiver
They stopped facing her and said "would you do what we want?"

The fish said "What do you want?"

The jinn said to the thief "Order her with clear and prompt voice."

The thief said in clear and loud sound" we want to reach to whale's house"

The fish said "what? .it is forbidden. If I reach to it I will be vanished or will be beaten."

"No, no .Ask for another thing or demand!"" the fish said.

The thief said "no, we want this demand!"

The fish said "but it is danger and ……"

The thief said "do it !"

The fish said "if you want, then come"

They faced her, but she deceived them and swallowed them at one mouth. They descended to her stomach that was very dark tat one can't see his hand and moved very terrible to digest them hurry. The jinn said "where are you? . Do still live?"

The thief laughed loudly and said "yes, yes"

The jinn said "why are you laughing?"

The thief said "because this fish mocked two completely and minded guys so easy"

The jinn said "you are right. but we want to be out of her in fast or will we be digested so fast. Have you the rods "

The thief said "theee roooods !, oooh nooo .but I will ,will .there is wood rod. Take it ." The jinn said" wait ,wait .talk to reach you."

The thief talked loudly till the jinn found him. They were caught and the jinn said with crying "thanks God we can't be away again!. Give me the rod. Now ,we want to get smocks from this rod .but how?"

The thief said "I know to have a fire we must have three things a fire ,air and the material which is easy to be burnt , and we have one thing the wood"

They were circled circles in her abdomen

The jinn said "we must act very fast or we will be digested! I will do. He caught the stomach skin with his legs and let the thief hanged by his hair . He said "I will surround this rod by my hands and try to get air and burn this rod by my breath"

He did and he succeed the fire hurt him and it burnt his hands that made him threw the rod away that hurt the fish made her returned what she swallowed?
They were out and the jinn said" Let me kill this deceiver"
He flew higher and brought two big clouds and faced her who were chased them and he made the two clouds crashed at her face that made great lightening. Then, he cut one of his hair that hurt him strongly and caught her from one of her back needle and directed her to the clouds. She cried "please , let me and I will do all your orders "
The thief said "No, no we will kill you. We want nothing"
The fish said "I swear with my god, I will head you to the whale"
She moved in hurry and they followed her by catching that hair.
They reached him and she said "that him, can you let me go!"
They said "no before we get a truth, you may lie again"
She said "no ,not knock that door as I am here .he will eat me . "
The thief said "it is so simple, hide before that rock and we will still catch you. If you say the truth we will let you go .If it is false you will die"
They knocked the door and they found a big ,big fish..

The palace reaching
The door was opened and a big whale was out. He said " who wants me?. Who angers me?
Who wants to change my life
Who wants to show my hate
Who wants to see my heart
When it gets anger and hard
Who wants to make me
Forget every word
I had remembered
When I saw the complete moon
And its light and bright
I rearrange words
And begin to sing
The bell was ring
So loud annoying
Me when I desired
To hear my love
Truly from heart
Without doubt indeed
Who wants to be trained
By my power in a ring
The looser will be out
Of life not only a ring
He looked at them and said loudly "worst day at your life that is. What do you want ?"
The thief said with feared voice "in fact, if you permit, we want to get to the fair king?"
The Whale said "what is the danger to come here?"
He suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed them .
They settled at his stomach which moved very speed to get them digested.
The thief laughed loudly and said "o! Secondly, we must so delicious to be wanted to eat"
The jinn said "where are you?"
The jinn said "here ,I will sing and you follow my sound "
They met again as they can't see anything.
The jinn said "Do you have any rod?"
The thief said" no. not any one"
The jinn said "I must use my magic power "
Then he converted his nails to sharpener needles and began to dig in his stomach that made him struggle .the jinn said "he will extract us. So you must catch me strongly as he will try to punish or get us in again"
The whale struggle and extracted them from his back. He lift his tail trying to hurt them but the jinn caught the thief and swam at speed under the water and they moved in sharp at right then they flew up .he saw them .he pushed a higher wave water from his mouth to push them down but the jinn avoided them .the jinn tended to face him ,but the thief told him a plan that made the jinn hurried to the beach and caught stones and he run facing the whale .he stretched his arms and put stones firmly in the opened whale's eyes those makes him blind. The whale screamed" my eyes ,my eyes. I can't see ."The jinn hurried and put the stone at one whale's ear and the thief at the other ear
The whale struggled angry and moved at every sides with violently move as he feared to be blind.
The thief sad to him "you wanted to be blind and deaf. Then you must not do our desire "
The whale said "blind and deaf…do you mean I can see again."
The thief said "of course and if you do not want you may be also deaf"
The whale said "blind and deaf . Do you know what do those mean?
Mean I will be like a big ice mount that every one wants to get ride .I will be as an old one who loves the life but even the life hate everything belongs to him. Do you know what do those mean?
This mean I will be ejected from home and my children will play with me as a game.
I will be wished to be dead to eat me and get useful parts from my body
I will be as a stone
That fell to the earth
Without done
He has no use
Except to be thrown
Even the stone has done
Building a high dam
Or higher building
He can converted to wealth
And I will be no worth
I will desired to get death
Hurry and in faith
He prayed to the God
To ruin him in a moment
That comes now not late"
The thief said "what did you say ?. Your god ?!do you believe in God ,so swear you will do our wish and we try to return your sight "
The whale said "true . I swear with my God .the only god I will reach you at any point even it was beyond the seventh earth"
The thief said "without any deceive or mock"
The whale repeated "without any deceive or mock"
The thief got out from his ear and mounted to his friend to get of the stones from eyes and the ear.
The whale saw again .he jumped ,jumped higher as a small child and cried saying
"Oh! Thanks my god ,thanks my god."
The thief said "we do what you want ,so you must do what we want"
The whale said "yes master! What do you want ?"
The thief said "to reach s to the fair king "
    The whale screamed loudly that made the thief's heart fell to the earth" what ? The king's palace. That is end of my life .The big jinn queen will hurt me. No, no my friend wish another wish!"
The thief said "remember you swear with your God!"
The whale said "she will destroy my life .she can even reach top my grave and act bad things with my corpse."
The thief said "refuge to your God"
 The whale said "yes ,yes ,but she is so harm and . I will reach you and take my family and run "
He ordered "now catch my back firmly. The jinn caught his friend and they were completely dived