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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The summer

The summer
The earth was divided
By great scientists
Into three paths
One in the north
Called tropic of cancer
Passed at twenty three
Counts at degree
In the north of equator
The other in the medium
Splitted the earth
Into two equals
The third at the south
Called Capricorn path
Passed at twenty three
Counts at degree
In the south of equator
When the sun is Perpendicular
At the cancer path
It causes summer
The weather gets hot
The sun shines
All the days in fact
The equator is hot
All year long
As the is Perpendicular
Over it
All the year long
The south is cold
As the sun tends
At the Capricorn
It occurs at the months
June, July, August,
And September
Begins at 21 of June
Ends at 21 of September
Counts for everyone
The north of the earth
gets hot
the south of the earth
gets cold