.The four seasons

The four seasons
The first is winter                                   
Begins at December
On twenty one
Of that month
January, February and March
Are the summer months
Till twenty one of Mars
We wear the heavy clothes
We covered our heads
We had cold clothes
We used the heater
To warm our houses
We must keep our verve
To get our advance
More and more advance
At the spring begins at mars     
On twenty one of that month
April ,May, June
At twenty one of that month
We decrease our cloth
Month after month
As the spring at first
Was slightly cold
As the winter months
After the half of spring
We wear light clothes
As the weather gets
Lightly hot as summer                                   
The summer begins at June
On twenty one of that month
July, August, September
Are the summer months
We wear light clothes
Till the twenty one
Of September month
October ,November and December
Are the autumn months
We wear light clothes
At the half  of the autumn
As the weather is slightly cold
Was Felt by creatures ,by every one 
The second half of autumn
We wear heavy clothes
The weather gains cold
That accrued at the north
Of our planet the earth
While accrued at the south
Contrary to seasons at north