The ugly boy

The inspector came to school suddenly
He entered the equals' classes actually
To know how they gain the science eagerly
He asked the same questions in all classes
The pupils didn't answer or tell faiths
The inspector entered that class
Where an ugly people sat beside the wall
In the right latest corner of the class
He entered that and answered the question
As he did the same in the previous
The question was simple and all needed
What are the benefits of the moon?
All became silent except that one
He lifted his hand to permit the answer
The teacher stood to prevent the inspector
From seeing the ugly boy's hand
But the boy stood and answered
Hurried the inspector towards him
He wrote in the school note
This is the smartest boy I have ever met
The teacher said to the boy loudly
 Go out and didn't return
You are an ugly you hare been hated
Dismiss now, dismiss immediately
The manger heard that
The manager said that"
You are must be fired
Go away and didn't return"
He said to the arrogant
I will try to be talent

I didn't deal with mine
As a lower one
I am the guy
I am the one