The benefits of the moon

The moon created for knowing
The god is the only planning
The moon makes the earth in moving
More stable and stationary in cycling
From the wobbling during cycling
It lights the world at night
Especially at the mid the months
Of the Arabic and immigration months
The new born in the first days
of the twelve arabic months
Is very weak and has little nights
Its appears a little minutes
But the all moon appears all night
It completed at thirteen for accounts
Fourteen and fifteen for accounts
Of the days of Arabic months    
They are twelve months
The light guides the travelers
The light helps the hunters
To get their need food
The light gives the need
Of satisfy and happiness
The third moon benefit
Is the tide that is accurate
It used to get light
And power could be generated
It helps the ships to get
Into the dull harbors
It helps to sweep all worst
And rubbish from the seas
As well as also the oceans
It helps the animals to breed
Their children as they need
The helping to grow in good
Manner and strong appearancce
The forth benefit is in fact
The moon is the part of the earth
And they loves each others
And it said if there is
No moon there is 
Also in global no earth
And vise verse in tales
The love is the cure of worst
The love is the most
Beautiful and makes cooperated
Between creature and the world