The cocococoo party

There was a party

The cock, the lion, the sparrow, the hen, the deer, the bear and the elephant.

All gathered at the cock house to celebrate with his birthday .The cock asked them to sing a song.

The elephant says: you are the best

You don't make the worst

You wake the people early

To do their works fairly

You don't go away

You keep your eggs Till they become hens

The deer says: I am beautiful

My eyes are bagful

I see you more helpful

You wake the farmer early

To go to the farm and work happily

You are the best you are the lovely

The Sparrow says: we all wake early

Before the sun comes morning

And say to the living

As we say the day going

And the sun comes dawning

Salute the prince of waking

The fox says: I can mock every one

And you can't mocked easily

I go to see the best one

You are him fairly

I love you calling

Till the creature feeling the peace safely

The war is not her surly

The lion says: I am the king of jungle

I govern the jungle with fair

No one can do unfair

He will be punished surly

You must salute the majesty

The prince of waking early

I wear you the crown of ordinary

All the crowds shout and say

We must celebrate

We must make a feast

We have to salute the prince

Dearest dearest the hero of peace

You woke up only the beast on the earth

If you go east or west

You hair him saying cocococoo